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"On Toad’s birthday Frog closed their Series B funding."

Frog and Toad are Co-Founders. Frog and Toad co-found a startup, and learn important lessons about friendship. The author captures original Frog and Toad author Arnold Lobel's distinctive storytelling cadence. (Best enjoyed in limited doses.)
posted by chesty_a_arthur on Mar 11, 2016 - 26 comments

Incoming Demon Train

The New Super Mario Busters 2! [slyt, previously]
posted by cthuljew on Apr 13, 2013 - 21 comments

Saut crapeau

Welcome to Harpeau Crapeau University. Sing along now:
Dear, dear ol' HCU,
We're filled with gratitude.
Sagest Amphibian,
Swami and trusted friend.
Our guide through the world of Maya,
Wit and wisdom, "Hi, howaya?"
Misguided A-Souls should try-ya!

God bless HCU

posted by mwhybark on Sep 8, 2008 - 11 comments

Cute but foreboding

Superstitious bloggers explain the recent earthquake in China by suggesting that the official Olympic Mascots of the Beijing Olympics foretold of disaster. [more inside]
posted by NikitaNikita on May 19, 2008 - 26 comments

What happened to Baz?

"the silly old buggers gone bloody missing" A yobbo cane toad learns the dangers of being one of the less adored icons of the Aussie landscape.
posted by dg on Jun 15, 2006 - 11 comments

Toady overlords

Toads that go bang; toads bang; toads ka-BANG!
posted by of strange foe on Apr 29, 2005 - 22 comments

A Super Tragedy

Mario Brothers, a tragedy in three parts (1, 2, 3). Potentially more to come, too! Enjoy! (Warning: Flash)
posted by dazed_one on Feb 26, 2004 - 19 comments

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