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The .art TLD

The .art Top Level Domain. It will be one of the new ICANN generic top level domains. Ten outfits want to manage it (applicant list is closed, winner will be one of those ten). Of the ten, notables are Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd., which has applied for 68 top level domains (at $185,000 US per application) and Donuts (Baxter Tigers, LLC), which has applied for 307 TLDs. At the other end of the scale, two applicants want to create Community TLDs.These are e-flux, an association of art professionals, museum directors, gallery owners, etc.; and well-known online art-slash-community site DeviantART. Here is e-flux's announcement to its members of its intention to apply. TechCrunch has a copy of deviantart's letter to ICANN. [more inside]
posted by jfuller on Jun 1, 2014 - 42 comments

Say hello to .metafilter Or New Generic Top-Level Domains

Imagine a web where domains can end in just about any generic top-level domain (new gTLD), e.g. .metafilter. Well, that's soon a reality:
The organization that oversees the Internet address system is preparing to open the floodgates to a nearly limitless selection of new website suffixes, including ones in Arabic, Chinese and other scripts. That could usher in the most sweeping transformation of the Domain Name System since its creation in the 1980s
[more inside] posted by Foci for Analysis on Jun 18, 2011 - 103 comments

Top Level Domain Names

It's What Comes After The Dot, My Dear, that really matters in Internet addresses, don't you know? A useful list of TLDs (that's Top Level Domain names to you, kiddo) is also a reminder of the incredible variety of cool ISO country codes. If there are personalized license plates, why not e-mail addresses? I, for instance, am definitely looking into acquiring a prestigious .mc address. Unless it means actually having to move to Monaco, God forbid. [Via Bifurcated Rivets.]
posted by MiguelCardoso on May 27, 2003 - 34 comments

Verisign (aka Satan) is set to relinquish the management of the .org domain pool this week, after agreeing to drop both the .org and .net registries to keep the .com one until 2007. ICANN is meeting on it this week (webcast). The list of all interested parties with competing applications is here, but personally I'm pulling for Carl from media.org's proposal for a public trust. For anyone that owns a .org domain, this is one to watch.
posted by mathowie on Jun 26, 2002 - 8 comments

More info about the soon to be released .biz and .info TLDs...this time, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.
posted by canoeguide on May 16, 2001 - 0 comments

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