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Look Out 2008 Olympians!

Swim, Katie, Swim! From the Hike With Your Dog site comes the story of Katie, a water-loving dog who is on a quest (well, maybe it is her owner's quest) to swim in "all the great waters of North America." The quest started on her way home from the kennel in September 1998, and continues to this day. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Yampa River, this animal has done some serious doggy paddling. [Caution: lots of pictures may cause slow loading]
posted by terrapin on Aug 20, 2004 - 6 comments

Window or Aisle? Obese or Non-obese?

Window or Aisle? Obese or Non-obese? Geez. It's not like airline seats can fit regular size customers as it is.
posted by terrapin on Dec 14, 2000 - 34 comments

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