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Snip Snip goes the vasectomy

The Amazing True Story Of My Exploding Balls
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Nov 20, 2014 - 76 comments

ā€œIā€™d gladly put my balls on the chopping block for the benefit of mankind.ā€

The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men. Link NSFW. [more inside]
posted by zarq on May 31, 2011 - 106 comments

The Nutcracker Suite

Michael Lewis gets a vasectomy.
posted by jonson on Jan 22, 2008 - 119 comments

Proof that guys think with their...?

Researchers have discovered men with an unusual form of dementia have a higher rate of vasectomy than men the same age who are cognitively normal. Okay, so maybe it should be that men think with their cojones? But will this be enough of a risk to outweigh the declared benefits of this procedure?
posted by jeanmari on Feb 19, 2007 - 31 comments

Men, you don't control your own pecker, at least in Virginia

Men, you don't control your own pecker, at least in Virginia. A nice young man in a happy, heterosexual marriage discovers that Virginia state law REQUIRES a 30 day waiting period before he can get a vasectomy. All your gonads belong to us?
posted by twsf on Jun 8, 2005 - 81 comments

Gettin the johnson retooled.

My Vasectomy, in pictures and word. It may be old, and the design difficult to look at, and there's some bad jokes and advertising, but interesting nonetheless. And topical. Need I mention, NSFW?
posted by ashbury on Apr 25, 2005 - 11 comments

A new way to get the old snip snip.

A new way to get the old snip snip. A Johns Hopkins researcher has developed a new vasectomy technique that uses ultrasound to clog up the tubes without any incision. Of course, they've only done on dogs so far. On the other hand, the article also claims that the procedure could be done by non-physicians. Do-it-yourself? Personally, I want to make sure that the person permanently altering my family jewels does have that M.D. sheepskin on the wall.
posted by KirkJobSluder on Jan 19, 2002 - 9 comments

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