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'I was prepared to make people a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to do anything illegal. '

"When Art, Apple and the Secret Service Collide: ‘People Staring at Computers’ ": A year ago (previously on MetaFilter), Kyle McDonald created an art project that landed him in some trouble with Apple and the attention of the US Secret Service. He writes about it for WIRED. [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns on Jul 12, 2012 - 32 comments


Birdmania - from Jacqueline Steck, the maker of Meowmania (previously)
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Sep 7, 2010 - 7 comments


somnambules is a choreographic and interactive show for the Internet in 12 scenes and their preludes. It puts together contact dance, painting, video and music. [note: shockwave]
posted by crunchland on Jul 22, 2004 - 1 comment


sequency [note: shockwave]
posted by crunchland on Jul 5, 2004 - 5 comments


njam... all you have to do is rotate the circle in the middle so it matches with the color of the spheres that come in from the corners. seems simple enough ... [note: shockwave, loud audio]
posted by crunchland on Jun 28, 2004 - 8 comments

Digital Snapshot

Digital Snapshot.. "What does a moment look like? Can snapshots freeze a moment in time? In Digital Snapshot, motion fragments were captured and rearranged in a new visual context via unconventional digital manipulations. A long take camera movement cycle generates a unique 'digital painting.' In this case Digital Snapshot enables the viewer to experience a virtual walk through a beautiful park during summertime."
posted by crunchland on Jun 27, 2004 - 11 comments


kaleidodraw [note: flash]
posted by crunchland on May 23, 2004 - 10 comments

The Flag of the Internet (net.flag)

The Flag of the Internet (net.flag) and other interesting web-only interactive works of art via the guggenheim museum. i thought this was a really interesting flash project that contains quite a few flags of the world, then dissects them and explains the meaning behind every element, then allows you to add that element and others to create your own customized flag. (click on the "net.flag" link, then go to "change net.flag" to customize)
posted by sixtwenty3dc on Apr 5, 2002 - 4 comments

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