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"Clark's Place"

How does a TV show go from an idea to something you can watch ? Caroline Framke spent six months following the production of an episode of FX's critically lauded spy drama 'The Americans' to find out.
posted by The Whelk on Apr 14, 2016 - 30 comments

Decopage! (Not the paper kind, the 1989 L.A. public access tv kind!)

Decoupage! was a 1989 Los Angeles-area public access show produced by Kathe Duba and hosted by Summer Caprice. The original concept was an emulation of early 70s sydicated talk shows such as The Mike Douglas Show and Dinah! and featured elaborate sets, sourced from hours of scouring thrift stores. Also, there are wigs. Lots of wigs.

Many of the guests were culled from the L.A. club and arts scene, including Redd Kross, Phranc, and Fred Willard. The show returned to the airwaves in 1997 as Decopage! 2000 and featured a spoken-word performance by Exene Cervanka (using her real last name, Cervankova) and Karen Black singing "Bang Bang" with back-up band L7.

• Direct link to the Decopage! You Tube Channel

posted by Room 641-A on Nov 7, 2014 - 9 comments

Wigs of Water

Water Wigs.
posted by the_very_hungry_caterpillar on Aug 23, 2012 - 11 comments

Godly Locks: Inside L.A.'s Bizarre Human Hair Business

Wig-making may be the only industry that relies on religious devotion, Hollywood glamor, and raw materials harvested from human heads.
posted by Chrysostom on Aug 5, 2012 - 17 comments

Pull it off suddenly and presto, friend freakouts

Julia Kristeva wrote about the horror of Abjection, when the body that formally was considered a unified whole is disturbing to see/touch when the parts are separated. Or it can be really funny, as can be seen when this gentleman pranks (YT) his friends by making a wig of his own hair. via reddit
posted by saucysault on Jul 6, 2012 - 46 comments

Can't you hear that boom?

After starring in a giant hit youtube video singing Nicki Minaj's Super Bass, 8 year old Sophia Grace Brownlee (and her somewhat less talented sidekick) came on Ellen Degeneres's show yesterday to perform, and meet/upstage their idol. [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue on Oct 13, 2011 - 65 comments


Julia Sherman offers us a glimpse into the sheitel industry and the larger global hair trade. [more inside]
posted by gman on Jan 15, 2011 - 24 comments

Even more Kitty Wigs?

Glamourpuss? In case you didn't get enough the first time around (previously on MeFi), now there's a whole book of cats in wigs with "snappy captions". Spotted on the cover of this week's Publisher's Weekly. I think my cat is hiding.
posted by sparky on Sep 21, 2009 - 12 comments

Dogs in Wigs

Dogs in wigs
Dogs in wigs
Dogs in wigs
Dogs in wigs
Dogs in wigs
This is a little weird.
Mouseover text for more info.
posted by The Esteemed Doctor Bunsen Honeydew on Jun 17, 2008 - 21 comments

I'd never sell an idolatrous wig, madam...

"A hair-raising fear of idols" - Orthodox hair crisis ".....The storm began four weeks ago, when someone told the rabbis that most natural wigs imported from Europe are actually made of Indian hair. Two years ago, rumors had begun circulating that this hair was bought from Indian priests who gathered it up after the women cut it during a Hindu religious ceremony. This would be a serious problem, since Jewish law forbids the use of objects employed in idol worship (which in Judaism means all polytheistic religions). Apparently many wig-sellers concealed the fact that their wigs, though made in Europe, used Indian hair" (Ha'aretz, Friday, May 14 2004)
posted by troutfishing on May 16, 2004 - 50 comments

The $170 mullet

Clare, Goddess of wigs. Here you can find the answer to all your false-hair needs. She's got everything from the conservative to the absolutely fabulous, and quite a few things in between. Those long years of dealing methamphetamines driven you to baldness? Fear not! Needless to say, she has DISCREET shipping, an eminently sensible decision, as many of her customers might desire to keep their gender bending hobby to themselves and close friends. Lastly, don't forget the wig revitalizing mist and maybe a gift certificate for a friend: "give the gift of fabulous hair!"
posted by kavasa on Jun 18, 2003 - 8 comments

Long hair is cool. Shaving your head is cool too. You know what's cooler than either of those? Cutting off all your hair for Locks of Love. When you donate your hair to this non-profit, it will be made into wigs for children dealing with long term hair loss due to disease and burns that couldn't otherwise afford one. She's done it, they've done it, and so have all these people. It may be time to grow my hair out again.
posted by mathowie on Oct 8, 2002 - 16 comments

Dig the Wig:

Dig the Wig: In the face of the mainstream media's campaign to keep us distracted with the fake news of presidential pardons and the eyewash of budget debates, only independently published mavericks have the courage to cover the story of Samuel Jackson's hair.
posted by jhiggy on Mar 13, 2001 - 3 comments

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