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Goodbye, Gutenberg

The Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster have both picked their words of the year for 2015. Neither one is a word. Of course, the 2015 Scrabble "Dictionary" was a little ahead of these two in redefining the word "word."
posted by kozad on Dec 15, 2015 - 51 comments

Words of the Year of the World

Were you dismayed at the lameness of "vape" and "culture" being named by Oxford and Merrian-Webster (respectively) as the 2014 words of the year? Are you wondering what words English should steal from other languages? Mental Floss has you covered with its roundup of 13(ish) words of the year from other countries. [more inside]
posted by Etrigan on Jan 17, 2015 - 27 comments

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is…

vape [more inside]
posted by chavenet on Nov 18, 2014 - 103 comments

YOLO with it

Oxford Dictionaries' 2012 words of the year have been chosen: for the US, it's "gif" (as a verb); for the UK, "omnishambles." It contended for this crown with the likes of "YOLO," "superstorm," and "nomophobia." Previous Oxford words of the year can be found here (other notable year-end word lists such as those from Merriam-Webster, the American Dialect Society, and the Global Language Monitor, have yet to appear).
posted by BlackLeotardFront on Nov 12, 2012 - 92 comments

It has been a Subprime year

“Subprime” voted 2007 word of the year by the American Dialect Society. Disagree? You had your chance to submit your own nominees, thanks to mo nickels on MeFi Projects. Pre vi ous ly [more inside]
posted by wendell on Jan 5, 2008 - 20 comments

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