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Sit, stay, yawn

We already know that yawning is highly contagious and, in humans and other primates, may be rooted in empathy. Human-dog yawning contagion is well known too, as previously shown in Metafilter, but its causes are contradictory, as yawning in dogs is also associated with psychological tension or mild stress. A new study confirms that dogs yawn more frequently when watching their owner than when watching a stranger, demonstrating that the contagiousness of yawning in dogs correlates with the level of emotional proximity, possibly indicating rudimentary forms of empathy in dogs.
posted by elgilito on Aug 9, 2013 - 20 comments

You sleepy yet?

Two and a half minutes of cute, yawning animals for your Friday entertainment. [slyt | previously]
posted by quin on Jun 28, 2013 - 14 comments

Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

The Boredom Proneness Scale† is the best-known of the various metrics for quantifying one’s propensity to ennui. High-scorers who are ‘understretched, unmotivated and bored in the world of work in the 21st century’ may in danger of ‘boreout[PDF]. While boredom needn’t be perceived in an exclusively negative light (one might imagine a perfect boredom akin to the notion of dolce far niente), ‘boredom [PDF] and boredom proneness […] have been linked to a long list of negative outcomes in adults, including, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and loneliness […], impulsiveness […], elevated rates of alcohol dependence […], negative affect […], pathological gambling […] and higher rates of psychopathology in general.’ Historians of boredom have noted the relatively recent advent [NY TIMES] of the term, coinciding with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, but our more distant ancestors were not free of the related afflictions [PDF] of horror loci, tædium vitæ, acedia, mal du siècle, etc. [more inside]
posted by misteraitch on Feb 13, 2013 - 40 comments

"A herd that yawns together stays alert together"

Why Is Yawning Contagious? [SLYT] [more inside]
posted by quin on May 23, 2012 - 22 comments

listlessness, tedium, lassitude, languor

L'ennui de Henri et Henri 2, Paw de Deux.
posted by crunchland on Apr 9, 2012 - 13 comments

" It is my goal to have the most complete collection of gaping animal maws that anyone can have"

Gaping Maws is a collection of photos of animals with their mouths wide open. Like this.
posted by hydrophonic on Dec 3, 2007 - 40 comments

Why do we yawn?

Why do we yawn? There are many theories. New research suggests it cools the brain.. a cooler brain is more alert.
posted by stbalbach on Jul 3, 2007 - 42 comments


It begins in the paraventricular nucleus. It has been observed in the womb. Muslims believe it's an indication of Satanic possession. Too much of it might be a bad thing. Pandiculation sometimes occurs. In terminal rabies cases and in five percent of Clomipramine users it leads to spontaneous orgasm. Previous wisdom held it was caused by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood and mirror neurons make it contagious. And yet still nobody knows precisely why it happens.
posted by inoculatedcities on Mar 2, 2007 - 25 comments

Laughter is Contagious

Laughter seems to be just as contagious as yawning.

(Popcorn Post, Youtube, Old People, Babies, Southerners, A kitten, and the word "Cuteums")
posted by Lord_Pall on Jan 4, 2007 - 20 comments


Does this site make you yawn? Well?
posted by caddis on Jul 3, 2005 - 49 comments


Why is yawning contagious? Scientists at SUNY Albany have a theory. It's got something to do with "mental state attribution" (i.e. the ability to inferentially model the mental states of others). Nature Magazine has a decent summary here for those that don't want to read the paper.
posted by Ufez Jones on Aug 7, 2003 - 10 comments

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