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Touch of Evil (Zombies)?

A la "I Am Cuba" the folks at Caution Zero bring you a seven minute tracking shot of a vampire with bunny slippers being attacked by zombies. We've obviously done our zombiefilter tracking here, here, and here, but I figured new advances in zombie aesthetic were worth noting.
posted by HellKatonWheelz on Jul 10, 2006 - 6 comments

A New Breed of Zombie?

A New Breed of Zombie? Zombies have been a fixture in horror lore, inspiring people to write about the theory behind them, plans for national security against them, and home protection. But are these experts prepared for the mutations that have developed? Rock n Roll Zombies (see above), Viral Zombies, and Drug Induced Zombies.
posted by HellKatonWheelz on Jun 7, 2004 - 9 comments

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