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Merit badges for nerds, mothers, and Etsy hipsters.

boy scouts, women & scientists have already earnt theirs.
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Why do those have to be only for mothers? I've personally cleaned way more feces out of clothes, hair, bathtubs, strollers, car seats, etc. in the last few years than any human should ever have to. I want my fucking diaper badge, damnit!
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Don't forget these!
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what if you're all three? where's the merit badge for tweeting about your homemade Battlestar-themed mittens while giving a bath to twins?
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I was never a scout of any kind, yet I was always envious of the badges earned by others. I think grad school is an appropriate time to start collecting badges and putting them on my shoulder bag.

Can't wait to get that "Dissertation Survival" Merit Badge.
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The 10th Regiment of Foot: "I want my fucking diaper badge, damnit!"

Same thing, with penis rampant.
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Please somebody make merit badges for the VSS achievements.
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Where are the parenting badges for working moms? Expressing milk at a temp job? Making it to the day care by 5:30 when work is 45 minutes away? Or teenagers. Lots of merit badges for parenting adolescents. But, yeah, they're kinda cool, and a nice memory of Girl Scouting.
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I want one for not strangling my kids.
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I want a merit badge for watching that Pink video somebody posted right up to the point where she is in the bathtub and starts cutting herself with a razor blade. Some of you said it got better after that but I wonder how you could continue to watch it.
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I am totally serious: I will pay good money for anyone who can make me a "leaving the nest" badge that a male teen would actually want to put on his laptop.
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I can claim five of the nerd merit badges. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed.

(And why is there no Metafilter badge? That I would display proudly.)
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NaNoWriMo usually has writer's badges on their store page.

I love this whole merit badge thing.
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earnt earnt earnt earnt earnt earnt earnt

Personally I look forward to the day when Presidents and Congresscritters will be required to wear their merit sash everytime they appear in media. Help me sort out the Throm Sturmonds and Bichelle Mokmans.
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earnt earnt earnt earnt earnt earnt earnt

Earnt earnt a word.
           .'          `.
          / P            \
         |    E           |
         |      D         |
         |        A       |
          \         N    /
           `._        T.'
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I need a trophy for enduring the scent of my 15 yr old son's feet. His room smells like death. Slowly rotting mammalian death.
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also kinky merit badges...

there's a click through to prove you're 18, and it's (somewhat)NSFW
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...strangers come up and touch his face during flu season and you maintain control.

Heh, new parents.

You want your new child to have as many colds as possible. Otherwise, when they enter school the first year, your entire family will be stricken for 6 months with a near-continuous cold as they catch up. Trust me, I've been there.
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