Is there any meaning to this song? / There's no meaning to this song.
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Paradichlorobenzene. Antichlorobenzene. Paradichlorobenzene x Antichlorobenzene.*

* To view an alternate version of the Paradichlorobenzene x Antichlorobenzene video with extra translations, click here.

Sung by Len and Rin Kagamine (vocaloids). Paradichlorobenzene and Antichlorobenzene were created by Owata-P (music/lyrics) with illustrations/video by Agatha and Mieno Hito, and were originally posted to Nico Nico Douga here and here. The Paradichlorobenzene x Antichlorobenzene video/song mash-up is by TakumiSilence. Translations and english subtitles by Kanannon, Blacksaingrain, VampiressSilecene, and TakumiSilence.
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I am reminded of Warren Zevon's Run Straight Down.
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So, the first thing I checked was the active ingrediant in Ritalin, and it's Methylphenidate hydrochloride, not Paradicholorbenzen.... 
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.......C -C
.......C -C
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Paradichlorobenzene replaced napthalene in mothballs.
You can't get that anymore.
I know what it means.
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Wife's verdict: "This is really annoying."
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Paradichlorobenzene would have a singlet for its NMR spectrum, and probably a nice clean vibrational spectrum, though I don't feel like working out its symmetry group right now.

I might be using chloro or bromobenzene latter this week in my lab class. Not dichloro though...
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This is what happens when organic chemists eat what they synthesize.
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Row row row your boat
gently down the stream.
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
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This song sucks. They totally rhymed "paradichlorobenzene" with "paradichlorobenzene".
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What am I singing for?
I just sing without understanding the meaning.
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also, is there any context to the "brainwashing song" tag? It's also in the description, right? Is this like a genre now? I tried googling it and didn't get anything but of course, it might not be an English-language trend...
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These two tracks tend to be a little divisive. They're really likely to either seriously appeal to someone or else solidly put them off, because they bridge the gap between 'mainstream' Vocaloid music and the weirder stuff from producers such as Treow. With Crypton having just released the improved synthesis software for the two voices that sing them, I'm curious as to whether we'll see retakes and remixes in a slightly more realistic-sounding voice - it would seem to almost be counter to the spirit of these songs.

The uninitiated might want to check out this recentish previously which goes more into the robot side of things.

I'm pretty sure 'brainwashing song' was simply included in the title of the original song as a tag; the success of the song has made the phrase virtually synonymous, and it all harkens back to the whole idea of doing something while not knowing what you're doing it for.
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Nominally, it's D2d, three perpendicular axes of rotation, centre of inversion, three planes of reflection.
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I was expecting something a little more like The Amateur Transplants' Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin.
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Isn't paradichlorobenzene the stuff they put in urinal cakes? I know it looks and smells the same.....
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Am I supposed to like these songs? 'Cause I kind of really like these songs.
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Oh man, you can definitely like them. I do, or I wouldn't have posted the links. Though I think stelas above is right...they're a "you really like them or you don't at all" thing.

I've had the Para x Anti mix in my head all week. It's the most awesome earworm.
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A mosquito was heard to complain
That the chemists had poisoned his brain
The cause of his sorrow
Was paradichloro-
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Anime hamsters on crack, what next?

my ears hurt.
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Also, the nerd in me wants to rename the other two songs Metadichlorobenzene and Orthodichlorobenzene...
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I put together a quick mega-mix. (via mediafire)

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