Baboon Holocaust!
January 31, 2011 12:53 PM   Subscribe presents "Horror 101".

Lesson 1: The Solo Hero

Lesson 2: The Couple

Lesson 3: The Stragglers

Lesson 4: The Guy Who Knows Things

Lesson 5: The Jokester (The formatting for this one is really screwed up for some reason.)

Lesson 6: The Victim Pool

Lesson 7: The Slasher

Lesson 8: The Horde

Lesson 9: Miscellanea
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This is cool. I sorta forgot about CHUD. Used to visit them all the time back in 99.
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This is nice. I have, for some reason, no interest whatsoever in watching horror films, but I find reading about them inexplicably fascinating.
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I sorta forgot about CHUD.

Then don't come crying to me when you get eaten by one.
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Huh, no article on "Final Girl"? (yet?)
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I like this - especially the horror movie that he's writing as he goes. From Lesson 3:
...looking up at the burning library he quips, “Well, I don’t normally support book burning, but in this case…” Ah ha ha. They all laugh as we pull back into a crane shot and Harry Manfredini plays us into the final credits crawl. The end.
I'd watch that film.
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Also, something weird is going on - the link to Lesson 4 and Lesson 5 don't go to the same place, but they have almost the same content - both say Lesson 5 The Jokester. The link to Lesson 5 has screwed up formatting but the right pictures. The Link to Lesson 4 has better formatting but no pictures (copy paste problems?) And I'll never learn about the guy who knows things!
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Oh, weird, muddgirl. Thanks for the heads up. Those were fine when I looked at them a few days ago. I'll drop them a line.
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They just did a complete site redesign a few weeks ago, well after that series began. Odds are something didn't migrate properly...
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Looks like they've fixed lesson 4.
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