Bono, Fred Durst and P Diddy cover Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On".
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Bono, Fred Durst and P Diddy cover Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On". More Music From Hell news, even if the proceeds are for World AIDS Day and AIDs research."I just thought, you know, we're the usual suspects. Don't come to us. We're too right on," Bono said backstage at the VMAs. "Go raid the pop charts. Go ask Britney Spears. Go ask Jennifer Lopez. Go ask 'NSYNC. Go ask the rappers, the hip-hop guys like Ja Rule or Nelly or DMX...The Global AIDS Alliance originally asked Bono and Wyclef Jean to record the song; however, Bono had other ideas.
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I just hope they don't destroy it like that Patte LaBelle song was. Probably too late.
posted by geoff. at 6:11 PM on September 10, 2001

With all our differences, I think we can all agree, with a fair amount of certainty... P-Diddy is wickitty-wack.
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No-talent morons. As if huddling a flock of popular screamers & wailers (I hesitate to call them "singers") will somehow make recording such a treasured song OK. Just like that incredibly pathetic "We Are The World" and "Do They Know It's Christmas" junk...worthy cause, perhaps, and the draw of *big name* celebrities, maybe, but there is no way that stuffing hordes of celebrities into a recording studio somehow enhances the quality of a song.

Which is exactly the point - the goal is NOT to create a good song, or quality music, but simply to raise money. This being the case -- why don't these celebrities simply GIVE the money that they feel is desperately needed and encourage their fans to do the same, and thus spare us the agony of hearing either (a) a mutilated classic or (b) a horrific "original," every time we turn on radio...?

Feh. Can you tell I haven't taken my meds today?
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How many no-talent, no-flow rappers can you put on one track?
posted by norm at 6:20 PM on September 10, 2001

davidmsc: the word we use these days is "vocalist", at least in reference to the bands *I* listen to, because, yes, very little -- if any -- actual singing is done. Just thought I'd point that out.
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geoff: The LaBelle, rather than Patti LaBelle song specifically, will live on for years after the cover is forgotten? Why? Listen to a Meters compilation sometime, then be aware that members of the Meters played on "Lady Marmalade." It was produced by freakin' Allen Toussaint. Put the song in a New Orleans context. Nothing can kill it. Nothing, nothing, nothing.
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At first when I read the article I was horrified, the thought of some many plastic no-talent popstars destroying such a wonderful song.

But then I realized, wait isn't for charity? If you where doing something for charity wouldn't you want as much money going to it no matter what the cost? [and its a high cost].

Thats all Bonos doing. [Not that I agree, and thank god that they didn't pick "Lets get it on"]
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Argh! This is why I listen only to college free-form radio and NPR. i don't care if it is for charity - don't do it. Why not do a new song rather than wreck an old song?

OTH, I like Jack Black's version from the movie "High Fidelity"
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I don't see what the big deal is. They aren't erasing the original and replacing it with this version. They're just covering the song. Done all the time. I bet tonight, somewhere, someone covered "What's Goin On" in a bar. I don't see why it's horrible for a singer to cover a song. If they do a bad version, don't listen to it.
Having heard the song, and having some insight into Gayes reason for writing it, I'm sure he wouldn't mind at all.
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Whistlepig, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Jack Black sang "Let's Get It On," not "What's Going On."
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