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The passing of someone who invented the gas-turbine-powered helicopter, or a wildly-popular new type of guitar, or even a guide dog school with over 1,300 graduates would be notable. Charles H. Kaman did all three.

Kaman worked with helicopter and fixed-wing pioneer Igor Sikorsky early in his career; his HH-43B Huskie helicopter set records and saved lives in Vietnam, and Lockheed is currently developing an unmanned version of his K-MAX helicopter. He applied his knowledge of aviation engineering (and enthusiasm as an amateur musician) to building a better guitar. Some of the more recent recipients of Fidelco dogs have included veterans blinded in action overseas. He was 91.
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(but anyone who is vaguely round of tum has a depressing time playing an Ovation.)
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An awesome man with a great legacy.

(but I agree with scruss - Ovations just don't work for me.)
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“It came down to the helicopters, guitars and dogs,” Mr. Kaman’s eldest son, C. William Kaman II, said in a telephone interview.

There's a recipe for the perfect life.
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Am I the only one who had crossed wires and a faulty memory, and thought this was an obit about Dean Kamen?
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Im not one for Ovations either, but interesting fact. The material used for the backs of Ovations is the same stuff his helicopter rotor blades were made with.
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The old man worked for Kaman in the 60's (copters). Some years ago I discovered he birthed Ovation, but Fidelco was news to me. What a full life.
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Wow, I handle Kamen helo parts everyday. I knew he was an innovator but never knew about his connection to Ovation or the dogs. Totally amazing. And FWIW, I've always thought they he an Dean were related. Both great innovators and inventors.

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Ovations have a great sound - I played a few back in the days when they fit my shape. Sadly for me they don't now, but what a fine guitar. I never knew Kaman's name until this post, nor his other achievements, sincere thanks for that.

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My mom knew his son when she was in high school, and ended up getting her hands on some seriously early production Ovation guitars. She still has one with an absurdly low serial number. Unfortunately, the early Ovations had a lot of quality issues, and hers features a distinctive crack on the front. Despite that, it still sounds pretty good.
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Gratuitous Ovation moment: Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell
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Charlie Kaman lived on my street in Farmington, CT. Amazing innovator, and a good neighbor (had all our driveways plowed during each snow)! My elementary school in Bloomfield also received yearly guide dog demonstrations from the Fidelco folks - great stuff.
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...but I didn't know about the guitars until strumming one on my brother-in-law's bed.... in UK! Had to fly across an ocean to play a guitar built by a guy down the street from me.
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Nice post. I didn't know his breadth of work.

(Nice headline, too. It's hard to play an Ovation sitting down because it rolls.)
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