Foster Care Re-Imagined
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Foster Care: Extreme Edition Pioneered by a 23-person St. Louis — based agency called the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, Extreme Recruitment seeks out the foster children who are the hardest to find homes for. Via the You Gotta Believe! Adopting Teens and Tweens radio forum.
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I'd like to hope that I would be one of the "gems" willing to open my home. The example of Claire has to be an outlier, though - how many kids that have spent years in the system are going to be that well adjusted? The point that came through for me was that as much as Stephanie is a gem, the real diamond is Claire.
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My mum was a social worker dealing with adoptive and foster kids. Damn, was that hard. Some of the kids are so sweet, and yet feel compelled to act out in intolerable ways....
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That's a great approach to identifying the relatives for a child. I hope the concept spreads and is used more.
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