Sol K. Bright, Hawaiian musician
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Let's head down to the sunny Hawaii of the 1930s and pay Sol K. Bright a visit, shall we? His charming vocal work and masterfully playful guitar wizardry are sure to please! Hawaiian Cowboy - Honolulu How Do You Do? - Tomi Tomi - La Rosita. Aloha!
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that made me smile real hard. and giggle.

because it's a strange juxtaposition of sounds i'm very used to.. country western, harmonic major chord progressions, lap steel solos... coupled with a vocal style i've never heard at all and would NEVER EXPECT
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Hawaiian Cowboy, you say?
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Yup, I'd come across that Muppets bit, BOP, and briefly thought I'd include it somehow in this post, but... that's what comments are for, eh? Yee-ha!
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How did Bright get that guitar sound, flapjax? Is he playing thimble-finger slide so he can mute or pick some strings while leaving one to slide, or what? It's really lovely.
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I don't know, BOP. Maybe one of the geetar-playing Mefiers round these parts will be able to answer the question.
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This music is objectively good, according to the MRI scan I did upon myself, which can be extrapolated to all of humanity (although there will be irrelevant outliers).
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Fabulous post on one of the great '30s artists (right up there with Atilla the Hun). Thanks! Never in a billion years did I dream there was live latterday footage of the marvelous Sol.
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I really enjoyed this, and was quickly spamming friends with the 1986 performance. That is some hep jivin' right there. Thank you.
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BOP and FAM:
If you want to see one of the great modern practitioners of this fine art than Bob Brozman is your man [SLYT skip to 2:10]. If the guitar he's using looks familiar, well it should!

Thanks for this informative post~~
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BOP, he's playing a lap steel with fingerpicks and thumbpick I'm pretty sure. Not sure what the tuning is, C6 maybe.
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