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A spectacular 24-hour photographic exposure of the sky transforms the Greek Church of Saint John into an island floating in space.  A technical explanation of the shot. Crescent moon and Poseidon Temple, by the same photographer, Chris Kotsiopoulos. Much more at and Earth Science Picture of the Day.

Intended as a follow-up to this post.
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Immediately reminded me of this flash game. I'm sure I first saw it on Metafilter, but I'll be buggered if I can find the link or remember what it's called.
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It's Samarost, uh.
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Thank you so much! I really love this, especially the technical explanation. It would be cool to see this done at other locations.
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The Little Prince must be hiding inside the church.
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What surprised me most of all was that it is so easy to get the 'feel' of those locations, in spite of all that artsy star-and-moon stuff. You're totally "there". That 360 deg. panorama is amazing. A whiz with light and atmosphere. Thanks.
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I want this as a desktop wallpaper.
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