Thank you (and please help me). What'd he say?
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Brad Bird accepts the prestigous Winsor McCay Award from the 2011 Annie Awards at an undisclosed location where he's directing the not-animated "Mission: Impossible IV". A Brad Bird career retrospective immediately preceded. (Double Link Single You Tube)
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The Iron Giant is so far and away his masterpiece, as great as all the rest of the work they showed, seeing it next to Iron Giant just cements it for me.
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Mr. Bird is apparently responsible for the character of Krusty of Klown and his whirlwind of pills, resentment, ego and slopsickle course making and for that I will be forever grateful.

The Iron Giant is pretty amazing.
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I'm glad the recorded message ended the way it did; Mr. Bird seemed really, really wooden at the start of that performance.
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Tonight, we discover Tom Cruise's sense of humor.

Is the world a better place? Well, thanks to Mr. Bird, it is.

Like all awards shows, this one needs more Gervais.
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As funny as the acceptance-speech scenario seemed like it should have been, was I the only one who found the whole gunpoint thing more than a little discomfiting?
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"I am not a gun."
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Tonight, we discover Tom Cruise's sense of humor.

I have Tom Cruise from Tropic Thunder on line 1 for you. (nsfw, swearing, hip thrusting)
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Watch "Iron Giant" without crying. You can't.
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Nthing the awesome of Iron Giant.
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I think Bird has a great mind for cinema. Iron Giant is a demonstration of his sensibilities. I had mixed feelings when I heard about MI4. I was glad to hear he was working rather than sitting around Pixar twiddling his thumbs where the turnaround time is so long on each project. But I'm so royally sick of Tom Cruise and I want him to go away so bad...
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No matter what crappy movies Vin Deisel makes, he gets a free pass for life for providing the Iron Giant's voice.
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Watch "Iron Giant" without crying. You can't.

I fear that the same may apply to "Mission: Impossible IV", but for a different reason.
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Sweet Jesus I love Brad Bird. Because he makes family films that do something other than repeat the same "be yourself" and "family is important" messages ad nauseam. The Incredibles was a daring and shockingly hard-nosed meditation about excellence v. mediocrity, and Ratatouille spoke about the joys of appreciating human genius. Eloquently. To kids.

I'm bummed that Bird didn't have a hand in the screenplay for M:I 4, but I'm still looking forward to it.
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I would have no interest in MI4 with pretty much anybody else attached as director. Werner Herzog, maybe. Really looking forward to 1906, too. Bird's a genius.
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Oh my god, Brad Bird was responsible for *batteries not included?? That ranked as one of my favorite watch-it-over-again films as a kid...
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I love the Iron Giant
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This post prompted me to re-watch The Iron Giant for the first time since, well, since I saw it in the theater originally.

It is even better than I remembered it being.
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Ratatouille was Brad Bird's triumph, IMO (maybe 1906 tops it?).
After watching the extra features on the Incredibles and Ratatouille DVDs, he comes across as a perfectionist - and possibly awful person to work for. But the effort and attention to detail is what takes his movies from good to legendary.
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Cruise can ruin anything. Even Simon Pegg couldn't rescue that kidnap bit.
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There's some interesting animation politics going on behind the scenes of the Annies that hasn't received much mainstream media attention. DreamWorks Animation won 15 of the 24 awards because Disney/Pixar are boycotting the Annies over "judging procedures". The process is so skewed that some have suggested the awards name be changed from the Annies to the Jeffies (for DW's CEO Jeffery Katzenberg).
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I get all teary-eyed just thinking about the ending of Iron Giant.
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I don't know about the seedy underbelly of the Annie awards, but I'll take any excuse to profess my love for Mr. Bird. I was dismayed when I heard about MI:4 but I'm trying to be optimistic since he's just so good at knocking 'em out of the park. If this is the nudge he needs to give Hollywood to make 1906 a reality, more power to him. My only complaint about Brad Bird is that, for whatever reasons, he's not more prolific.

Also, Simon Pegg was a nice treat. Love that guy too.
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I always want to conflate Brad Bird with Brandon Bird, because if they were the same person it would be AWESOME.
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The Iron Giant is so far and away his masterpiece

Yeah, and stacked up against The Incredibles, that's a bold statement.
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I'd mention that I've met him and he was really nice, but all y'all have already heard that particular tale.
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The Incredibles is one of my favorite movies, but I actually find it a little problematic. Heroes getting special privileges because of an accident of birth? Glorifying being born special? Syndrome was of course insane, but he wanted to ultimately equalize the playing field. He wanted to empower normal people with his technology, albeit getting people killed and getting rich in the process. Kind of effed up, but I love that movie so very, very much.
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Also Syndrome fought for everything he had and used his mind. He wasn't born special.
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Like Lex Luthor he blames everything bad in his life on those he see's as having it easier, and like Lex Luthor it's actually all his own fault for being a grabby muderous little shit.

Me, I like Lex Luthor, the character flaws that stop him profiting from his strengths are very identifiable, but he's still wrong about everything.
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