farewell, Totico
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Eugenio Arango, better known as Totico, a Cuban-born percussionist and singer who was one of the most celebrated figures in the drumming, dancing and singing culture of New York rumba, died on Jan. 21 in the Bronx, where he lived. He was 76.
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I hate it when you only learn of someone great because they have passed away.

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I'd never heard of him until just now, but that's just beautiful. Thanks flapjax. And may he rest in peace.

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You are should to be able to see New York rumba on Sundays in Central Park. They were driven away during zero tolerance in the noughties, but they are supposed to be back now. When I went their area was being re-landscaped and they were just listening to salsa and having a picnic. It might be finished now, but I don't think they'll be out in the snow!

Here is a little bit of footage of Afrocuba de Matanzas practicing at Minini's house with dancers. I studied with them last year as part of a course I went on.
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