A History of the Future in 100 Objects
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A History of the Future in 100 Objects is a Kickstarter project from Six to Start co-founder (and Mefi's own) Adrian Hon inspired by the Radio 4 series A History of the World in 100 Objects.
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Sounds like a very interesting project. I'm in (probably at the $25 level).

It's good that the money doesn't pay for the writer's time, but instead:

1) Recording and producing a high-quality podcast with real actors
2) Hosting the website, which will always be free for everyone to read
3) Drawing illustrations of the objects
4) Printing the newspapers and books
5) Converting the book into a range of open and non-DRM eBook formats

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If you're interested in this kind of thing, don't miss the round-up of Wired's long-running FOUND feature showcasing intriguing "artifacts from the future" in this old post of mine, with more here courtesy of Stuart Candy. (The feature was brought back a few months after those posts, btw.)
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Wow, awesome to see this posted! I was actually thinking that it was a game I couldn't post about it on Projects since I thought people ere would be interested, but there you go.

You know the old saying that we overestimate the effect of technology in the short term, but underestimate it in the long term? That's a big thing I want to address in A History of the Future; so it's not going to be about gimmicks or gadgets, but about fundamental changes in the world and the way we think; the same sort of changes that the Internet and phones and gps and so on that we've seen over the past few decades. And now I have to go because I find typing on this object of the future present (iPhone) too finicky.
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This looks very very interesting, congrats Adrian. I'd also like to emphasise that the History of the World in 100 Objects (linked in the post) is while worth listening to - there's a podcast available from that page (and on iTunes, I think).
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I don't get this. It looks like, "send me money and I will write a blog."
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Well, Mr. Goat, here is a secret - I am going to write the blog whether I get the money or not; I'm no stranger to writing stuff for fun. The money is there so I can print and mail the newspapers and books, and record the podcasts.
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I think that it sounds like a good project. But I'd be more interested in seeing this on Metafilter after it exists. When it's up and running, wouldn't a link to this be a double?
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Yes, that's true and it is a bit of a problem. I figure that when it's up and running and maybe I've done some podcasts I might post about it on Projects (but that's going to be a few months at least). We shall see what the mods say if someone tries to move it to the blue.

(I just realised that in my first comment, I meant to say 'I was actually thinking that because it was a Kickstarter project I couldn't post about it on Projects', which would make a hell of a lot more sense.)
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This sounds like a really fun concept. Looking forward to seeing it in execution!
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Basically, Adrian, after Perplex City you've got my vote for whatever the heck pops into your mind.
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