Flowers wilt. Chocolates melt. Roaches are forever.
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Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone? Nothing says love like a hissing cockroach!

Most zoos have programs where you can adopt lovable animalsor environments through a donation program, but only the Bronx Zoo will let you, for $10, name your very own roach.
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[EXT. TREVI FOUNTAIN - NIGHT. Black and white. A MAN and WOMAN are dancing in an empty piazza, wearing full evening dress.]

VOICEOVER: Throughout the ages, there has only been one way to express true passion.

[Rose petals descend in slow motion over the dreamlike scene. Brahms's Violin Concerto in D reaches a stirring crescendo.]

VOICEOVER: Imported from exotic lands, since time immemorial, it has been the symbol of our hopes.. our dreams.. and our love.

[The MAN kneels at the WOMAN's feet. He lifts a jewelry box and slowly pulls open the lid. Rapidly cutting back and forth between the MAN's dark, serious face and the screaming three-inch insect inside the box. The WOMAN's eyes well up with tears of joy.]

VOICEOVER: A Madagascar hissing cockroach.. is forever.
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Wait, they only let you NAME it, you don't get to take it home? Then how are you supposed to pass it from your mouth to your lover's during a passionate filth-embrace?
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I mean, I suppose you could do the mouth-pass while AT the zoo, but some people have aversions to PDAs like that.
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a passionate filth-embrace

must. not. google.
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Can't you get free roaches in your own home in New York?
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We used to have a colony of these in the lab where I did my graduate work -- we kept them around mostly for show-and-tell sessions. They're pretty laid-back for cockroaches. They do indeed "hiss" quite loudly.
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We have these at the pet store I work at. They're usually sold as food for frogs and lizards, but I'm sure we'd be happy to sell one as a pet. They live in a tank full of dead leaves, and they scuttle.
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In my college radio days, the station manager kept a bunch of different arachnids as pets, including scorpions named Patty and Selma, some tarantulas and a 10-gallon aquarium just full of hissing cockroaches.
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Shortly before Christmas I was digging around in a box of random personal items and came across a small jewelry case, inside of which was a gigantic dead bee that I vaguely remembered finding in Greece about 5 years ago and carting back as an oddball souvenir. He was still perfectly preserved and quite beautiful (you know, if you're into dead bees..)

Anyways, like a week later I was trading Christmas presents with my gf. After giving her her real present (a record) I dropped to one knee and told her I had one more gift for her, handing her the jewelry case. The fact that she laughed rather than slap me when she saw it was a dead bee and not an engagement ring either speaks to her being perfect for me, or, well, says that marriage is nowhere on the horizon. But at least she's got the Grecian Bee on display at her place now.
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My girlfriend would be absolutely overjoyed if I gave her a hissing cockroach. I'm really not sure how I feel about that.
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I would rather have a dead Grecian bee instead of a live hissing cockroach.
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