Where Loss Is Found
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LOST Magazine covers things abandoned, displaced, and lost, with many issues covering a particular theme: food, money, sounds, print, lost in space, at sea. Other issues are collections of journalism, memoir, poetry, photography, and fiction: first-person accounts of lost memories, diary entries, crime scenes, ruins, languages, relics and lost species, among many others.

The Lost Blog covers errata and additions to the magazine; the entire archive. Many issues have different covers and designs, so (appropriately enough) you are forced to find your way through each issue. Previously on Metafilter, Lost and Found Animated Films.
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LOST Magazine's arch-nemesis (or ying to yang): Found Magazine.
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There's this abandoned town in northern Canada that is quite interesting...
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Which came first, LOST or Found Magazine?

Because one is the original hipster, and the other is the...well...another hipster.
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Looks like Lost issue 1 was from 2005, so Found Magazine was first, starting in Chicago the late 90s, iirc.

I guess you have to find something first before you can lose it.
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Both Lost and Found are cool!
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But what were they doing with the polar bears? And what experiments were done to Walt? So many unanswered questions!?
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Thanks for this.
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