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Vimeo pros and seasoned amateurs are developing the ongoing and rapidly growing project Quick Tüts, short video tutorials that usually focus on one specific skill or technique and last no more than a minute. Oftentimes Quick Tüts show you how to use readily available items in lieu of more expensive equipment, so for video creators operating on a low budget, they are especially useful. A good way to think of them is as little tricks of the trade.
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For other skills you can learn from videos in one minute, there's Sometimes when I really want to master a skill, I'm willing to spend as much as five minutes, so I go to

But then, I'm not as busy as other people, so I've got those extra minutes.
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I know that these are tut-orials, but I read that at first as "Quick Tuits," because people tend to do these projects when they get "a round tuit."

[Yes, I'm on a mailing list where grown-ass adults frequently use this phrase. Sigh.]
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I read it as Quick Toots, like what my bulldog does when he gets excited.
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read it as Quick Toots

No way, not with that umlaut. It's Quick Tiits.
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Show me your Tüts
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Show me your Tüts

Is your computer Flash-enabled?
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