The Projections of Mr. Beam
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Living Room is the latest 3D projection mapping project by Dutch group Mr. Beam, achieved with only two projectors. Many of their other projects have been on a larger scale. [previously]
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Reminiscent of Michael Naimark's Displacements (1980-1984): Two Unusual Projection Spaces
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This is incredible, I wonder how ruined the effect is by people, or if this would actually be something worth doing in a club or lounge setting.
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Um, that's cool, but how does that work when people are actually in the room? Get a few people in there and it'll just be streaks of white cloth where there are supposed to be shadows (which admittedly could be a really cool effect as well), not to mention everyone being blinded by the projectors every time they look up or around. It might still be cool in an environment people wouldn't mind, like jellywerker's suggestion of a club/lounge setting.

Now, if someone put flexible OLED sheets in a protective clear coating and had that as a slip cover for your couch, bookshelves, wallpaper, coffee table, etc... hmmm....
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THIS* is the most incredible thing. It approches a completely new immersive art form.

*links to an installation piece that Mr Beam did for the Licht Festival in Gent earlier this month.
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