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Jet Sprint: Jetsprint racing is a small V8-powered jet boat with a crew of two (a driver and a navigator) who must negotiate a set course through slough channels 12-15 feet wide and 3 feet deep at speeds up to 80 mph. The winners are those with the fastest times; the losers often don't even finish.

I'd never heard of this, but apparently it's very popular.
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Hydro Thunder Hurricane!
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Muddin', but with boats!

It kind of reminds me of autocross. Have a high-powered, precision-engineered performance machine, but nowhere to use it? Build a small closed course and run time trials!

I wonder how often they have to replenish the water, what with the big rooster tail of spray they're kicking up.
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Wow, that's insane. There's a failure mode that results in two guys being strapped into a boat that's upside down. All good when you end up on land, and all suck when you end up on water like that.

Sure, quick release harness and all of that that, but those are racing seats and there's not much space in the cockpit. I didn't see a fast way of getting those boats turned over fast, but I sure hope there is one.

Otherwise, cool sport. But, wow.
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It would, of course, be pretty much exclusive to Washington and Oregon.
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Wow, that is insane.
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All I have to say about jet sprints is that they are boats with roll cages. Boats with roll cages.
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It's like Formula 1, but for boats.

What kind of engine do they put in these boats? What does it cost?
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As a New Zealander who now lives outside of NZ...

Wow, mind blown. I just thought this was a normal sport. How naive. They used to show a couple of hours of it on the television every weekend. I didn't realise that it originated in New Zealand.
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