Chris Casady's work on Tron 1982
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ha, he got to animate the part where the MCP goes SAAAARK, ALL OF MY FUNCTIONS ARE NOW YOURS! Badass.

I love this movie. Love the new one, too.
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Not to mention that he's also the guy who animated the Pac-Man easter egg. It's visible at :20 into the clip.
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This is really beautiful—but can you give us some more context about what we're looking at? Seems like random clips spliced together repetitively. I feel like I'm not getting what this actually is.

That said, this is really incredible work. Actually reflecting back on the recent new Tron movie, I realize that despite how nice and crisp it was, the original just still blows my mind aesthetically. It has a quality to it that is unique.

Also, young-ified Jeff Bridges is just a huge problem.
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Doh, sorry—actually going to the Vimeo page gives a bit more context (I was just looking at this in via the in-MeFi player):

I was an Effects Animator on TRON, 1982. Although I animated a total of 55 effects shots, some more spectacular than others, these are the tidbits I was able to snag during production. Mostly I did sparks, electricity and flying things like frisbies, flying discs.
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