Roundtable: Social Media After Egypt
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This week Al Jazeera's excellent roundtable series Empire tackles the issue of social networks and the blogosphere after Egypt. (SLYT) Featuring guests Amy Goodman, Clay Shirky, and Carl Bernstein (of Woodward and Bernstein fame), among others. Previously.

Skip to about 6:55 if you don't want to watch the lengthy intro and just the roundtable itself.
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The other post was a week ago, and it's still open. Maybe this would be better as a comment there.
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I guess I felt that the particular relevance of this content to the events of the last week, in addition to the fact that it is directly addressing social media, made it stand alone. I think it pretty well defines best (and most relevant) of the web.
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This post should stay - it's about a topic sufficiently different from just the Egyptian revolution itself. I look forward to watching the video.
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Any approach to government free mesh networks or decentralized social networking would benefit from the Freedom Box, which is now seeing more love.

Libyan dictator warns against use of Facebook, 40 protesters injured
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I was going to complain about repetition, but maybe this should be reworked as Why Can't We Get Discussions like this on TV FPP?

Jesus, look at that lineup people. This is broadcasted on TV somewhere? Actually intelligent and caring people given more than a minute to talk about something they cared enough to find out about beforehand?

Like O' Reilly says this is Un American.

In Manhattan Media We Pay People to Keep People Like These People From Talking In Front Of Other People.
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So is there any chance that this show takes its name from the Hardt and Negri book of the same name? I hope so. I like the idea that the network that did the best reporting on the middle east has a show named after a book that conservatives attack libraries for adding to their collections.
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This was excellent. Thanks so much for posting.

One side effect of the Egyptian revolution, I hope, will be greater interest in having AJE carried more broadly in the US. LinkTV pretty much turned into 24/7 AJE during the course of the revolution, and it was refreshing to have them available. I'd truly welcome them as a full-time channel if DISH would bother carrying it.
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I love it. An indepth intelligent discussion about communication and media and internet freedom taking place on US soil and broadcast on a channel which isn't freely available in that country. Look inwards USA, look inward.
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Excellent panel. Worthy find! Would love to see more like this.
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