It's wise to wait five years.
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Beware the birds and the wolf: Ramona Falls' I Say Fever. Featuring a great narrative, clever and intricate animation, and nice touches of fuzz bass. (SLYT)

From the comments: after watching, pause at 3:18 and look to the right.
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I love Ramona Falls and pretty much anything its founder Brent Knopf does. If you liked this, you'll probably like Evil Bee, a video by the same director and a song by Menomena (which also includes Knopf). Previously.
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Damn, that is neat. It's like an animated Un Semaine de Bonté.
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Enchanting! Thanks!
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One of my favorites ever since I first saw it. Linked to from a Wondermark blog post, which also features a couple of other classics (albeit of very different tone).
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Wow. I read Wondermark. It's mostly sublime.

I was mildly amused by the caricatures and style...then the hook came, they busted out the bird guns and whatthefwasthat I think I drifted off in the middle my head was spiraling around the suitcase and the girl bloody hell
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Ramona Falls is the Menomena guy? You have no idea how many things just clicked in my head. Gotta say though, I like "Russia" better...
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Also, the style reminds me of this video: Losers - Flush. Very different music genre however.
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Ramona Falls is the Menomena guy?

Well, he was a Menomena guy, but he quit the band recently to focus on Ramona Falls and other stuff.
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From the comments: after watching, pause at 3:18 yt and look to the right.

What is it we're supposed to be seeing? Because I'm not seeing it.
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I assume the hooded skeleton in the background.
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Ramona Falls led me to find these Ramona Falls, which are now on my to see list for the next hike I go on.
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It's to the right of the woman, just behind one of the trees, and as the perspective changes, slowly comes into view. I'd thought it was something to do with the strobing of the video, that if you looked away from your screen, you'd see something. Nothing happened, checked the youtube comments, felt dumb.

Still, interesting video. Hadn't heard of Ramona Falls before. Thanks.
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Awesome light, art, light & narrative. Thanks!
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Evil Bee is incredible, and haunting.

I'd never heard of these guys until my brother sent me this video, and then I just listened without watching it. That heavy distorted bass and drum combo grabbed me, and then watching it was revelatory...I think the imagery and timing of the visuals makes the song even heavier (slow-mo birdgun firing in time with the bass, the stalking wolf-woman in time with the drums).

I meant to add this: Bee and Flower's I Know Your Name. it's a similar period-piece with a totally different feel, and it's lovely.
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