Because you're not going to watch Cats And Dogs 2: Revenge Of Kitty Galore
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Why watch a movie when you can just watch the titles? Browse title sequences by designer and read interesting backstory and discussion on the art of making a title sequence.
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I will post this again because it's appropriate: Enter the Void (epilepsy warning)
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Nice! Titles for se7en and splice playing simultaneously makes for interesting music, too.

Thanks for posting.
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What? No Sandy Dvore?

OK, here ya go:

The Dunwich Horror (1:54 - 4:26)

Of course, he's most well known for The Partridge Family titles.
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Call me a pleb but I really like the modern fashion of skipping the movie titles and going straight into the movie. I find sitting through the credits before a movie starts kind of boring, to be honest, no matter how fancily they're presented.
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Awesome. I'm a huge fan of (previously), so I'm looking forward to digging through this site.
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I have this love/hate relationship with Digital Kitchen: Love for creating one of the most evocative opening titles in TV (True Blood) and hate for stealing my idea (FROM MY BRAIN NO LESS) for the opening to a A Picture Of Dorian Grey comic adaption and using it it to open Dexter.
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