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Chris Jordan’s “Running The Numbers” series and its sequel, along with “Intolerable Beauty”, places collections of objects in arrays and forms to visualize consumer consumption and its effects: a globular cluster of lightbulbs showing electrical waste in the United States; a landscape of empty plastic bottles (two million, the number used every five minutes), an array of tiny Barbies graphing breast augmentations; Pollockesque designs of contrails and handguns representing flights and deaths. More information at Jordan’s TED presentation; he’s also noted for his post-Katrina photographs of New Orleans.

Related: Todd McLellan (Flash) photographs disassembled vintage objects, some in patterns, others caught mid-explosion.

Todd McLellan via BoingBoing. Chris Jordan’s has been mentioned previously on the blue.
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Oooh. I just saw Jordan's installation of Running the Numbers at the University of Oregon Schnitzer Art Museum. Striking stuff, especially as digital photos really fail to capture the sense of scale you get when walking up to pieces like the Prison Uniform one. Just a massive wall of tiny, tiny images of prison uniforms.
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Those post-Katrina landscapes are really something.
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Man, that guy hates Freedom.
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These are stunning. Thank you.
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Depicts 32,000 Barbies, equal to the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries performed monthly in the US in 2006.

That's just insane. Monthly?! Are you kidding me, American women?!

Nice series, though. I love the visual representations.
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these are beautiful, and frightening. thank you for posting this.
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