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Since Weird Al seems to be a MeFi favourite, I thought I'd share this interview...

...wherein he talks about writing a children's book. (Sorry about linking to the Sun.) Photos of Al reading his book to a class of schoolkids are also online. Weird Al reads from his book.

(I was hoping my first post would be some deep, serious post, but I guess this will do.)
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I was hoping my first post would be some deep, serious post

In a well-lived, considered life... there are few things more serious than Weird Al.
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Couple of years ago a friend emailed me a link to a craigslist job posting for official taster at a pickle factory. I still stubbornly refuse to believe it was a joke.
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Have you ever seen Weird Al and Matt in the same place at the same time? I didn't think so!
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One of my students brought this book to class last week. I thought it was strange that he's not "Weird" Al on the cover, just Al.
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MeFi's own youngamerican interviewed Weird Al today. I'm looking forward to hearing the episode!
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The look on the woman's face is priceless.
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So. A second ago, I suddenly and completely haphazardly wondered what Weird Al looked like with short hair.

I Googled it.

Clicked "Images."

Saw this pic.

Saw the linked source site behind the jpg.

It came from 2009's thread of ours.

The Internet just ate its tail. Particles smashed. And it's Weird Al's fault.
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I am jealous of elementary school kids.
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