Freeserve relaunched today:
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Freeserve relaunched today: Considering that the vast majority of UK internet users have this set as their homepage, what's your opinion on the new-look Freeserve homepage. (it's like MSN - no?)
posted by williamtry (1 comment total)
Thankfully I do most of my surfing from a corporate intranet and don't have to suffer the whims of what an ISP will allow me to find easily, but the initial impression is that there's nothing new.
Why does every ISP insist on the 'magazine' format for their homepages? Theres so much more than the 'Travel, Shopping, Sports etc...' categories and so many people venture no further than what's available from their home pages.
Surely a lot of the commercialisation of the net is in some part a result of the large companies manipulating what novice users can easily find through corporate deals and sponsorship.
posted by Markb at 4:55 AM on March 16, 2000

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