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A gorgeous series of still, high-resolution panoramic photographs of the City of Light, its landmarks and environs, including Shakespeare and Company, by Arnaud Friche.

If you wish to travel further afield: stunning, super-wide-format photographs of the Alberta Badlands, the Great Wall of China, the floating torii at Miyajima, Bryce Canyon, Burning Man, Burney Falls, BC and much more taken by Brad Templeton, an EFF board member.

We’ve looked at Arnaud Friche’s work before, but it’s been a few years, and his site has moved and expanded several times since. Brad Templeton, in other contexts, previously.
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Oh, that Shakespeare & Company photo is too cute.
posted by Corduroy at 1:27 AM on February 22, 2011

Friche: Spectacular panoramic photographs.

Templeton: Panoramic photographs.
posted by Sys Rq at 1:30 AM on February 22, 2011

Frich. Oh, look, we both spelled his name wrong!
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Burney Falls is the Burning Man after-party, right? I honestly don't remember.
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That panorama of Paris is so lovely you'd almost forget that each and every one of those streets is covered in dog poop, cigarette butts, and human urine (yeah, yeah, "city of love" me all you want, you haven't had to live in this bitch for three years).
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Going to the Alberta Badlands and Drumheller was without a doubt one of the greatest trips of my childhood. The Tyrell museum is too great!
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Beautiful pictures.
72 dpi is not high-resolution, though.
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That Shakespeare & Co one gave me a pang of nostalgia. I'm going to fire up Google Streetview now and follow the road around the corner to the comic book stores of my teenage years.

Mooseli - three years and you haven't figured out that the worst thing about Paris is the Parisians?
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Ah, Paris, the rarely photographed. An obscure little city that has somehow passed beneath the notice of a Europe bent on progress and prosperity. Yet somehow, every year, a few tourists and photographers make their way off the beaten path and discover this little gem, set amid the green hills of central France. But alas. If enough beautiful photographs like these are published, word will get around about Paris, and pretty soon it will be overwhelmed by tourists. That would be a tragedy. I like to think of this place as my little secret. The last thing I would want is to arrive at my favorite Paris bistro and see a party of obnoxious Americans sitting at one of the tables, pounding their fists, scratching their fat bellies, spreading their hamlike thighs, emitting animal grunts and calling for the "garson" to bring them "Happy Meals" and whopper burgers. Enough! These photos must be taken down. Let Paris enjoy its peaceful solitude, and let us preserve at least one city in France from being overrun by tourists.
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Most of these are pretty good, but that Bryce one...meh. It's a classic spot to set up your tripod at a classic Park, but misses the best light. But it misses the point of *why* people shoot Thor's Hammer - to get color like this. (self link)
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hamlike thighs

Les cuisses comme les cuisses, ou vice-versa?
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There are numerous sharpness and exposure/post-processing(or lack thereof) issues with the Templeton photos. Sometimes just having a panorama camera and a nice subject is not enough to guarantee a good panoramic photo. A good tripod and attention to vibration control, a set of ND grad filters, fine-grain, color-accurate film and an understanding of how to bracket exposures and combine them in p'shop is required, too.
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Slap*Happy: "understanding of how to bracket exposures and combine them in p'shop is required, too"

Of course, there's also Enfuse to help the exposure, and PTGui to stitch together...
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WTF??? These aren't naked chicks banging!

OH!!! "Panoramic"
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I really love those Burning Man panoramas! Cool stuff.
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molecicco...I hope you get a chance to visit Drumheller again. The Royal Tyrrell Museum has changed and been added on to significantly since I was a kid too! It's quite stunning to visit the badlands...all of a sudden you exit kilometres of farms and prairies and land smack dab in an almost extraterrestrial terrain.
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Is it possible to look at Burning Man panoramas without trying to find your camp/project?

No, no it is not.

No, no I could not.
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Great photos, Brad!!! Keep up the good work!
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Badlands fun (warning: VW commercials with inaccuracies)
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