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Out of Sync: "A man departs his house, only to realize what he leaves behind. By separating sound from visuals, Out of Sync paints a uniquely involving portrait of a marriage at breaking point. Is there still time to save the relationship?"

Dutch, with English subtitles.
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He had a chance to really give a twist -- after the husband drives off the second time, after all the "I love you, Sugar Pumpkin" "I love you too, Sweets" and THEN the lover comes in and they roll around and stuff...
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Critical Mass, Hollis Frampton, 1971

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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That staircase looks very dangerous.
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If she knew how little he trusted her she wouldn't be smiling like that at the end.
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I'm confused - I get that the sound is out of sync with visuals at start, but did she actually cheat on him?

If not, then why is that button popping guy's car parked there when husband gets home?

Someone explain - I'm going nuts over this :p
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Maybe they're neighbors?
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What's interesting about this will appear by answering one question: How is this not The Room?
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