Beginning To End
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Beginning To End. This amazing one-man show was a collaboration between Jack MacGowran and Samuel Beckett. It was recorded for RTÉ Television in 1966.
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The sucking-stones sequence.
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Pretty amazing stuff. Amazing also to think that Beckett had such a busy TV career. MacGowran's accent is also somewhat mesmerising - a lot more RADA, almost Alec Guinness-ish, than Irish.

(There's always something odd yet pleasing about seeing these mighty actors sanctified by working with Beckett turning up in the stuff they did to pay the bills, especially in horror films - MacGowran in The Exorcist, Billie Whitelaw in The Omen, Patrick Magee in Asylum etc.)
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My spell-check dictionary usen't to include that word, so I added it.
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If you're a Beckett fan, you probably already know this, but... The excellent "Beckett on Film" 4 DVD set is available to buy from Amazon or rent from Netflix (sorry no link; Netflix is now, inexplicably, added to our blacklist at work...). The Billie Whitelaw Not I is included although the other linked pieces are not.
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Thank you homunculus!
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Thank you homunculus, I love Beckett and have bookmarked for later degustation.

Today, I have been trapped in the real life absurdist Wisconsin drama of More Pricks Than Kick's and Walkers' Last Tape. (One can only hope!)
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Ugh, some grocer bot infiltrated mefi and misplaced apostrophes all over my last comment.
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