@MayorEmanuel Tells the Story of Two Mayors
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Using Storify Tim Carmody at Snarkmarket gathered this tale of a Chicago election.
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I've been hanging on @MayorEmanuel's tweets for a month or so. Whoever it is GREAT.
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Well that was unexpectedly great.
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Harold Washington, first black mayor of Chicago (there have only been two; Charles Hayes finished Washington's term, serving two years after a special election, and it's been Daley ever since)

Charles Hayes finished Washington's term as a congressman when he resigned after being elected mayor. It was Eugene Sawyer who finished Washington's term as mayor after he died.
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michellemalkin: Fake @MayorEmanuel 's f'in acceptance speech tweetstream is cracking me up.
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MayorEmanuel: @michellemalkin Just so we're perfectly fucking clear here: You're a crazy fucking shitwad. Enjoy your night.
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btw the reference to ground celery seed would be a reference to one of the several ingredients that makes a Chicago hotdog the most amazing thing in the world.
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They'd better have coffee in the parallel fucking dimension I'm descending into tonight, or I'm breaking right back out.
This is like when they kill off the main villain at the end of the movie, but the studios press for a sequel so the writers have to write him back in.
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I'm going to drink the fuck out of some coffee to celebrate the Mayor's victory.
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this is like poetry.
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You had me at Ozymandias's glass dome in the snow.
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The pope, the president and Mayor Daley are all in a lifeboat, adrift in the ocean. The lifeboat is sinking, and they realize that only one of them can stay in the boat.

The pope says "I am the leader of the Church, and God has divined that I shall survive."

The president says "I am the leader of the free world, and the American people have decided I shall survive."

Mayor Daley says "There is only one fair way to decide. We vote." And so they did. Mayor Daley won by 45 votes.
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I hope the MayorEmanuel Twitter account never closes. It's far more entertaining than the man himself.
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The Whelk: this is like poetry.

Except with more fucking profanity.
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I'm really hoping this story ends with the "Real" Rahm Emanual falling into the time vortex, and MayorEmanual stepping up to take his place in the real world. That would blow my mind.
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Oh dear, it would seem mayor Emanuel has achieved Apotheosis.
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I put together an archive of the whole thing in chronological order, including context for replies, because it was a real pain in the ass to scroll backwards through the whole thing on twitter and the chronological PDF that's floating around was hard to read.
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Thanks, hades. A quick word-count says the whole thing runs 61,000+ words.
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Since the developing consensus, led by Tim's highlighting the comic-book subtext, seems to be that the work may be by a Chicago-based comic-book writer, one supposes there may well be a comic book publication in due time.

I would, actually, like to know who the author is in order to read more by them. If you're out there, figure out a way to point to your non-anon material.
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He'll be chatting about being @MayorEmanuel on local (Chicago) NPR Affiliate news/culture show 848 tomorrow.
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