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BS Zelda Retrospective (SLYT). In honor of Zelda's 25th anniversary this month, this is an interesting look at the live-broadcast Satellaview games in the Zelda series, which had some compelling and strange tweaks to the Zelda formula. The beginning is an introduction to the service, and the fun bit begins at 8:50.
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I never realized that there was a sequel to Link to the Past. That's amazing. I might have to find a ROM of it.
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Holy shit. This was a crazy idea for a video game....

"As a programming project, BS Zelda was considered by students to be exceptionally difficult due to the strict quality control imposed by Nintendo. The game was to have no interactive lag and no programming bugs of any kind."

Every program contains at least one bug and one extraneous line of code.

(and by induction, every program can be reduced to a single line of code, which contains a bug. this reduced form is probably written in perl.)
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Brilliant. I have been wanting to know about this game for a long time.
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BTW, the youtube links are from Clan of the Grey Wolf's 16-bit Gems series, which are an amazingly nerdy and satisfying walk through some of classic games of the Super Nintendo.
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When you get down to it, kaibutsu, aren't all programs, and all humans, just part of the same single line of universal assembly code?
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Codacorolla: There was another direct sequel to Link to the Past which stars the same incarnation of the main character. It's called Link's Awakening.
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There are a lot of bugs crawling around, come to think of it...
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For some reason, I kept waiting for this to be a spoof. The level of technological innovation, cost, and particular nature of the changes made to the original quest just seemed too over-the-top obsessive to be real.

It wasn't until I was halfway through the video that I realized it wasn't a set-up. Is this what the internet has done to me?
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Amazing. Thanks for posting this.
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I enjoyed his rotating cast of shirts.
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This was really interesting. I'd heard of the Satellaview, but until now I had no idea how it actually worked. It's kind of neat how the games were only broadcast a few times each day and you would be playing alongside hundreds of other people you couldn't see.
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Except for the foreign language switches I really loved it. Really, I would almost have preferred the messed up Japanese. Although I don't think it would have been too hard to get some phonetic spelling in there and just said it right either.
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That was a great little video, and nice piece of Zelda/Gaming history. Cheers.
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