Zadie Smith and Gemma Sieff, Talking.
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"On February 2, 2011, Harper’s Magazine and New York University’s Creative Writing Program held a discussion between Harper’s New Books columnist Zadie Smith and Reviews editor Gemma Sieff. The following is a transcript of their conversation, which covered such topics as the influence of motherhood on female novelists throughout history, the peculiar pitfalls faced by authors who write both fiction and criticism, and the place of Eminem in the hip-hop canon. Smith’s first New Books column for Harper’s appears in the March 2011 issue, now available on newsstands and to subscribers on"
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Zadie Smith resuerected Forester and actually called critical darling my awards bullshit, she might be my favourite critic right now
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"Everything I say is very smart today. Lucky me."

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Zadie is a great critic, but she really needs to be home working on developing her potential as a novelist. It's a shame that's she's so beautiful, such a public symbol of multi-culturalism, etc. She should be off someplace learning how to craft a plot. Once she's got that down, she will disappear into her work, as the novelist should, and her consciousness will conquer the world.
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Every month I reach the final pages of my issue of Harpers and, wanting more to read, start looking over the New Books and Reviews sections. Two minutes later I fall asleep. Seriously, Smith and Sieff should market their wares for insomniacs who don't respond to medication.

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Once in a while there is actually something interesting in that section, but it is usually the first thing i'll skip if I fall behind in reading through my magazines. (I have 7 months of issues I now need to read: son of a bitch.) I'm guessing having Zaddie Smith writing every month is a pretty big win for them.
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What problems did you have with the plotting of white teeth and autograph man, and why are we foregrounding novels over critical prose?
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