Hollywood puts out some of the best trash I've ever seen.
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I was all ready to come in here and say something to the effect of, "Is anyone else worried that the Muppets are starting to be overexposed/saturating the media to the point that they'll jump the shark pretty soon?"

Then I realized there was no way that could happen. There cannot possibly be enough Muppet exposure to fix what ails us.

Then I watched, and Oscar's Hollywood-trash joke made it all perfect.
posted by yiftach at 8:16 AM on February 24, 2011 [1 favorite]

One can only dream of the Muppets hosting the entire Oscars show, would increase it's viewership.
posted by Fizz at 9:42 AM on February 24, 2011

The Muppets are no more fake and contrived than most of Hollywood.
posted by Daddy-O at 10:12 AM on February 24, 2011

Daddy-O, the Muppets are much less fake and contrived than most of Hollywood. They are almost always honest and funny. Even the Muppets I hate (ELMO) have a purity and joy to them.
posted by JHarris at 5:00 PM on February 24, 2011

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