Gay Black History Month
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February is Gay Black History Month. [SLYT]
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Gay black history month you say? I think we'll need some Sylvester in the background
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I have no direct experience with being a gay black man, so everything I know about the struggles they face is from what I've read. And based on what I've read, they have a really difficult time, much more difficult than gay white men.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy to see there's a show like this, and this (so far) has been a pretty interesting episode. Thanks so much for posting.
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Okay, wow. That was excellent. I will definitely be watching more of this. It's a glimpse into a sector of the subculture I don't even hear about all that much (living in shockingly white Spokane), and I think I'll be a more well-rounded fag if I take the time to watch regularly.

Again, thanks!
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Needs some Big Freedia too.
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If you don't watch the video you will probably never learn about Trent Kelly's Flickr collection of historic photo's of black male couples.
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ouch. don't mind the typo!
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Needs more snapping
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This explains all the Samuel Daleny I've been reading.
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You can never read too much Samuel Delaney. Although I will just say... approach The Mad Man with caution. It changed the way my world functions.

(And I'm still convinced that the lack of publication of the sequel to Stars In My Pockets Like Grains Of Sand is kind of the point of that whole experience...)
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There will never be another Sam Delaney. I have more I want to say about this being in February rather than June, but I am not sufficiently caffeinated. Really, it should be part of both.
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