channel surf the music web. Or something
February 24, 2011 11:12 AM   Subscribe makes radio stations sorted by genre by playing MP3s posted on music blogs. Think stumbleupon with autoplay.
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This is really cool.
posted by eyeballkid at 11:22 AM on February 24, 2011

This is fantastic. Thanks.
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Just figured out that you're not limited to the streams on the splash page. You can append whatever genre you like to :
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Doesn't work well, although I imagine this is because it relies on the blogs with the music to tag properly. When I chose 'Metal' I got 4 rap songs, 3 indie songs, 3 lo-fi songs and 2 electro before I got a single metal track. Industrial and Icelandic also fared similarly poorly, though Techno did decently.
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no witch house?
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I found this through the chrome app store the other day. Like it so far. I bounce back and forth between stereomood, this, and Wish there was a way to save or like a track or blog though.
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You can append whatever genre you like to

Well not any genre (aforementioned Witch House or Swamp Pop are two examples). But they do have a hell of a lot of 'em.
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Hmm. The classical station gave me this, which is cool and all, but not exactly classical. I guess the band, calling themselves Brahms, have no-one to blame but themselves...
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Like Vaska said, you're at the mercy of the tagging. But if you're vigilant with the -> button, cool stuff awaits, like this Brazilian guitar track, this French classical/jazz quartet's unlikely cover of "Someday My Prince Will Come," or the Fuck Yeah Classical tumblr.
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It's basically like a StumbleUpon version of the Hype Machine. (oh that's in the fpp. duh.)
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My browser doesn't much like the site.
I have to say I prefer Hype Machine, which sort of does the same only it lets you select your favorites and then listen like a radio station. [I suppose most of you already know this....]
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"What? You guys aren't into Reggaetron?"
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I haven't tried it yet, but just reading this made me all shivery. In a good way.
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cool new toy! thanks!
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We are so fucking living in the future. I love it.
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I've been listening to the folk station all afternoon. This is great!
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Awesome find!
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Love this. It's jumped to the top of my web-based music thingy list.
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I've been listening quite a bit yesterday and today and a couple things stand out favorably in comparison to my standard streaming radio player (, free for now, at least for US/UK ...).

1. Context - Not always, but with, there's occasionally interesting news or commentary to accompany the song. With you get a Wikipedia bio.

2. New Music - I'm not sure how the algorithm works, but all the blog posts I get seem to be from 2/24 or 2/25. So you're going to get new releases and remixes (and video releases), and perhaps less "classic" music. It's not surprising that /channels/classic-rock (or classicrock) get the same results as /channels/witch-house. The "rock" channel is nigh meaningless.

3. Downloads - Just like the Hype Machine, most of the songs are directly downloadable (in one form or another, as straight MP3 or YouTube rip, etc) from the blogs. Like a song? Download it (again, usually).

The back catalog for the streaming services like, Pandora, and all the little ones is HUGE, but who really listens to "radio" for old songs anyway?

tl;dr: I like this. A lot.
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Oh, here's a problem. Start listening to a genre, listen to 15-20 songs, switch to a different genre, listen to a few songs ... but if you switch back to your original genre, you'll get those same 15-20 songs in the same playlist.

I'm guessing that's a bug (could be browser specific). I'm gonna send it in ...
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Another really nice thing (if they had a fucking directory) is the ability to listen to one blog from latest blog backwards, e.g. We All Want Someone to Shout For.

However, creating the URL to browse you want to listen to is annoying. The best way I've found is to go to their blog submission page and search to see if the blog you want has already been submitted. If so, click the link and you'll get the URL for it. (I'm not sure if it's kosher to submit someone else's blog. Doubtful, but I dunno.)

That's essentially the real functionality here, and it's why they've partnered with Spin. It's an app for a) adding a soundtrack to a blog, or text (or video) site or piece; or b) extracting and playing the media resources presented on a site.

Pretty cool.
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latest *post* backwards, i.e. reverse chronological.
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Less impressed on the second day. Keeps playing TV On The Radio.
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I've been using it on and off for the past few weeks and it really keeps coming back to using it as a site player, e.g. I want to read the KEXP blog or Largehearted Boy and listen to a playlist of all the MP3s on them at the same time.

The two MAJOR problems: a lot of good blogs aren't in the directory; some of the good blogs that are in the directory just don't work!

There is also no volume control nor a way to skip forward and back within a song. But an interesting start!
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