Oscar Nominated Screenplay PDFs
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A number of the 2011 Oscar nominated screenplays are here as PDFs. The site also has a archives of Coen Brothers and Charlie Kaufman scripts.
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Content Summary for Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York:
COMMENT SUMMARY: This story has all the hallmarks of a Charlie Kaufman film and is not easily summarized or clearly understandable on paper since so much depends on the way the concepts translate. The most notable aspect of the script is its length which may be exhausting for an audience especially one that may want more of a straight line
narrative. The attention to every detail, some of them nearly surreal,
is amazing but once the play within the movie really gets going keeping
track of the Meta casting gets to be a challenge.
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This is great. Thanks dobbs!
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Scripts! Yumm!
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A watermarked but more legible version of the tSN script is here.
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