RIP Jerry Weist
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Jerry Weist - comic and sf/f collector, retailer, author, and all around nerd - has died. Besides founding The Million Year Picnic, one of the first comics specialty stores in the US and almost certainly the first in New England, he had a long association with Sotheby's auction house for comics-related auctions. He also created Squa Tront, a fanzine dedicated to EC Comics. His book about Ray Bradbury, Bradbury: An Illustrated Life" was nominated for the 2003 Hugo award for "Best Related Work".
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Sad news! MYP is my LCBS.
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Sadness. Million Year Picnic is wonderful.

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Million Year Picnic is where I discovered Dykes to Watch Out For, Hothead Paisan (Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist), and Bitchy Bitch. They carried the "Fourth Amendment" totes which sprang up when the MBTA started searching people's bags on the T.
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I go out of my way to visit Million Year Picnic whenever I'm in the area. Last time was three weeks ago. Great shop.
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Thanks for this post, I was thinking of doing an obit post when he passed but for some reason I didn't. Here's an appreciation of Jerry Weist written by his longtime friend and fellow Squa Tront editor Roger Hill.
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My awesome aunt introduced me amd my cousin to MYP when we were 11 and 9. It was a weekly destination for me when I still lived in the Boston area. It's also one of my favorite smells. RIP.
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A pioneer.
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I didn't live close enough to MYP to go regularly-- Cole's was my hang, and if it was yours too from 1986-1994, MeMail me-- but any loss of a good retailer is a blow to Team Comics.

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MYP was one of the bright spots of living in Boston. They probably still have a couple copies of my comic sitting on their shelves.
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