Pete Eckert
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Pete Eckert is a photographer who is also blind. His process is briefly hinted at here.
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Yeah, that second video does a bit of a better job explaining the motivation behind the photography.

Regardless of the backstory, I do quite like the photos themselves. Very dreamy and otherworldly.
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So much in modern photography is made of "shooting from the hip" and, while that is a great thing, there's a lot to be gained from thinking about your subject and composition in your mind's eye. This man took that further than anyone I've heard of.
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Lovely stuff. See also: Flo Fox and her various appearances. Some of her images are very NSFW. Flo Fox also appears in the Joan River's documentary, "A Piece of Work."

I was never sure if Flo Fox would have made a good FPP but I'm glad to at least piggyback on this post.
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In the video, I don't quite understand why he is wearing what appear to be prescription glasses.
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