September 12, 2001
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As someone living and working in NYC, I feel it is important to let people outside of the city know that while this tragedy is ongoing, most of the city is functioning. There is NOT chaos in the streets. Everyone is shocked, but New Yorkers are helping in any way they can. While many businesses are closed, most are open. Most public transportation is functioning (although i believe access from New Jersey is closed) The city is hurt, but far from defeated.
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I lived in New York City during the Blackouts and learned it then that in spite of its size there is a greater sense of genuine community, of togetherness, and greatness of spirit then I experienced anywhere else. It's a great city with imaginative and courageous people. Our hearts are with the New Yorkers.
posted by semmi at 9:14 AM on September 12, 2001

Watching the news, I've been astonished at how little panic there seems to have been there - the sense of community seems to be astounding too. Keep those spirits up!
posted by Mossy at 10:11 AM on September 12, 2001

The resolve and compassion of the New York people has been incredible, sitting here on the left coast, I can only hope that in a similar situation Los Angelinos would respond in kind.
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