Got my flash on, it's true. Need that picture of you.
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Smithsonian Wild is a collection of over 200,000 pictures of animals taken by "camera traps", automated cameras with motion sensors. Each species is linked to its article in the Encyclopedia of Life, and the entire set of photos is also available on Flickr.
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Ooooh. This is neat!
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This is really cool.
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This is pretty awesome.
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Note: no Mellivora capensis. The hog badger is well represented, but no honey badger (or any other type of badger, for that matter.

Still, this is fantastic. The Smithsonian Wild has a great (flash) interface, allowing you to see every image from your search results (example: badger), or see each in sequence if you click on any one image.
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Way ahead of you, flt. Check the 3rd and 4th links.
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Animal Planet's answer to Bait Car.
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Very cool. I have a couple of these cameras, but so far have only used them to take infrared party photos.
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I see they've captured the elusive Evil Wizard Panda
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oh hai. i iz a leppurd.
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I got caught by one of these just last week, hiking a trail in Boulder after dark. I'd sort of like to see the outtakes of freaked-out, too-tired hikers like myself.
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This is really neat, and a great example of why God created the internet.
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The search-by-species feature is great, although there seem to be some species categories that don't contain any images. I want my white-bellied go-away bird!

I have never seen a margay before, and these photos make him look fierce and speedy, and his eyes are like driving at night.

In related candid animal photo news, the wildlife highway bridges in Banff National Park, Alberta have cameras photographing the animals that use them.
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