Google Demo Slam.
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Google Demo Slam is a knockout competition between 84 different demonstrations of Google Tech. The "Slampionship" is down to the last four entries, but if you haven't seen them, you can check out all previous demos. My favourites : Rushmore and Chubby Bunny. (previously on metafilter)
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Rushmore is freaking awesome.
posted by mathowie at 1:06 PM on February 28, 2011

Heads up. You apparently need flash installed.

Google technology = flash? I am confused.
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Wow. Loved Rushmore. Tho Chubby Bunny was pretty sweet too. Why can't I think of fun things like that?
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Google is doing recipes now too.
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Watching some of the others, they're mostly just goofy videos or ideas carried out using Google tech, but not really good examples of exploiting the google tech. The Rushmore and Chubby Bunny ones are really cool because they both show off the technology and are funny ideas. Stuff like the "ordering indian food in Hindi thanks to Google Translate" was kind of odd. The "fun with google chat cameras" was mostly just dumb.

But it's a cool idea for a competition and I like the front runners.
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The two remaing finalists are pretty crap compared to some of the other entries, who chooses the winners? I also loved the Epic Docs Animation (done before, but still neat) and the Stolen Google Logo (tho admittedly it also doesn't achieve anything using Google tech, but look how happy they all are!).
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The recipe thing is pretty neat. I put in "meat loaf" and it gave me ingredient checkboxes for turkey, feta, tomatoes, pita, orzo, aubergine, olive, and spinach, which are pretty much the eight standard meat loaf ingredients. But then it couldn't find a meta loaf recipe that included all those things. I guess I'll just have to pioneer it.
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Haha, I typed meta loaf.
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Chubby Bunny was the best, in my opinion. Low-budget and charming, plus it showed the capabilities of a technology -- and cleverly, the premise was how good the voice recognition was. I also really liked ordering Indian food, because it showed the quality of the translation (I've been learning Russian, and Google Translate amazes me with some regularity). A few years ago, Translate only did Romance and Germanic languages, and anything more complicated than a single noun or verb came out all "Beautiful hovercraft, she is a fine type of eel sandwich filling".

Rushmore was a cool idea and well executed, but I'm a little underwhelmed by the technology. Like I was totally travelling randomly through South Dakota last summer and bumped into this mountain with these giant faces of some guys carved on it and went "Whoa! What the hell is that?!" If only there had been some way to find out what it was, such as a sign or a gift shop or it being one of the most famous landmarks on Earth. Thanks for solving that dilemma, Google.

Fie on the ones that prove you can use Google technology to... enter a google technology demo competition. Like the skydivers.
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This would explain some of the ads I saw on Hulu. I was impressed when I played around with the google visual search app on my phone and it correctly identified my IBM Model M keyboard.
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Does nobody over 30 work for Google?
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Google is doing recipes now too.
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It auto-completes "lark tongues in aspic," but then it says "no results found." Grrr.
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I love the energy of those kids doing the chubby bunny demo. They are seriously into it.
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Geez, did those Rushmore guys use spray paint on their faces?
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The event is worth staging just to give us an excuse to say "Slampionship".
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Do people not realize that when you put the camera super close to the object you're filming, it's not going to be in focus? </snark>

Cute demonstration, though.
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O Google slam, how I wanted to buy into your vision of reality where charismatic women run soundboard pranks on the local Desi joint and order in Indian food and then you ruined it! You ruined it: "Extra Spicy...Slam!" Suspended disbelief crashed in upon by a weak effort at in-video project branding. <sob> I wanted to believe. </sob>
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