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Annie & Mac are a talented, independent duo from Virginia that have created one of the largest repositories of Old-Time music on their Youtube channel. Songs include The Falls of Richmond, Sandy Boys, Arkansas Traveler, the Crawdad Song, and The Eighth of January.
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Nice little band! Mac has worn the coating off that banjo head with his frailing and clawhammering! I especially liked Falls of Richmond.

I've always liked banjo, especially old-time stylee (not so crazy about Scruggs style and bluegrass), and it so happens that just 2 nights ago a fellow gave me a 5-string banjo, so now I've really got no excuse not to dive in and start playing it. Just started practicing the basic moves for clawhammer style. Thanks for the post, lemuring.

Earliest known LOL-cat with banjo?

Best position for playing the banjo?
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There's a scene in the movie Crumb, IIRC, where R. Crumb's daughter accuses him of only liking "old-timey" music. I see that ol'timey, and oldtimey are acceptable, and I prefer those locutions because they're more oldtimey.
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Thankee. As a clawhammer aficionado, I find these excellent. Those who like this kind of thing might enjoy the banjo-peddling solo clawhammer standards of Donald Zepp, who's one of the folks I watch for cool achievable technique.
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Mmmm, claw hammer banjo.
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