Key Ingredients
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Key Ingredient: in which Chicago chefs grapple with kluwak nuts, geraniums, hops and spirulina.
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Oh, man. Cascade-hopped chocolate sauce sounds fantastic!
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I've been enjoying these as they come out. It's a great series.
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Deez nutz! Man, I haven't heard that joke in a while.
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Got a bunch of Indonesian recipes with kluwak nuts. A hearty Beef stew with ground onion and garlic for example. Super good.
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Bull balls! Back when I was a kid, when my mom still had the time to cook up these insane Sunday brunches that involved impossibly complex and copious Peruvian dishes, my mom served us these slightly oval-shaped meatballs that were just delicious. They were firm but with a bit of give—much like beef heart (which all Peruvians must love, or else—and they had a slightly pink center. In many ways, it was like a slightly pink duck breast, but in ovoid form. There was also a slight sweetness to the meat; I'm not entirely sure whether that came from the meat or the seasoning.

So, I turn to my mom as she comes out of the kitchen with yet another course of food and I ask her, "What are these meatballs made of? They're amazing."

And she said, casually, as if it was no big deal, "Testiculos."


"Bull testicles, mi hijo."

"Oh. Um…can I have seconds?"

And thus began a lifelong career of eating nearly anything you put in front of me.
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