I mentally seceded from the US in 2004
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Cartoonist Tim Kreider (previously, previously) of The Pain talks about the last decade, our "disastrous decline" and his latest book of cartoons and essays, Twilight Of The Assholes. Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
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For those of you reading along at work (on a Saturday morning?) there's dick in the first link.
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An excerpt of Twilight of the Asshole is available on Fantagraphics' site. It's a tour through one person's view of Bush's Mericuh. The editorial cartoons are good, but the essays are better, sometimes.
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Tim Kreider is one of my Short Duration Personal Saviors. I will never forget him personally insulting my girlfriend and I coming to a Valentines Day presentation of his comics at the KGB Bar in Manhattan. Then, I had a nice conversation with him afterwards. He's a genuinely nice fella, and a brilliant satirist.
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"Me, I'm done caring. I believe that these things are important, and that people should continue to care about them; you, for example, should care. It just can't be me any more. Sorry, I put in my time. I cared for years and it nearly killed me. I refuse to return to caring even if the Republican policies only shame and outrage me; financially, they benefit people like me. The people Republicans ruthlessly screw are mostly the ones who vote for them, which I heartily condone. I endorse conservatives' repealing health care reform in their own states, refusing to get flu shots for fear of government nanochips, being allowed to carry concealed guns into bars. This is all just natural selection in action, elegant and just.

"I've emigrated to New York City, a civilized island nation off the coast of the decaying behemoth America. Here, people of all races, nations, religions and sexual orientations live together, mostly not killing each other. People read on the subways, at cafés, in the parks. We have Bonnard exhibitions, Mahler symphonies, Kurosawa retrospectives and roller derby. I don't care what happens to the United States anymore. I care about the survival of the human race, and of enlightenment civilization. If it gutters out here it'll flourish elsewhere. It doesn't matter to me who gets to think they're running the world a thousand years from now as long as someone, somewhere, is still watching Akira Kurosawa films."

Tim Kreider
July 2009

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I love Tim Kreider. I was sad when The Pain ended, but I could totally understand why. I will be ordering Twilight of the Assholes as soon as I finish typing this comment. Thanks for the heads up!
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An excellent artist, with concise observations and a sense of humor that neatly balances out the justified rage and the subject matter. A decent guy, as well. We're lucky to have him.
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